How much does carpet cleaning cost in Elk Grove and Sacramento?


Much like many consumer products and services, the cost of professional carpet cleaning varies. As I say on my web site not all professional cleaners price the same, cleaning the same or advertise the same. Carpet cleaners are as consistent as the restaurant industry. We often use the same or similar ingredients and equipment but the end product and price isn’t always the same. I’ll talk about the variables in another blog but here’s what you clicked for. How much does it cost?


If you picked up the phone in Elk Grove or the greater Sacramento area and asked what is your pricing you’d get a fair amount of professional cleaners start quoting so many rooms for so many dollars i.e. 3 Rooms for $99.00, 4 rooms for $119.00 and so on, that’s real common. Another might say a whole house $189.00. Still another might state room rates $30.00-$50.00.


The least common response you will find searching for carpet cleaning pricing in Elk Grove and Sacramento is price per square foot. 30 years ago it was quite common. Today you will find a range from .25 cents per sq/ft to perhaps as much as .65 or even .80 cents. So that’s pricing in a nut shell. Personally I don’t think it’s as straight forward as the consumer world deserves. For 15 years in the business all I’ve ever heard from customers is that my industry spreads more confusion then it does sensibility.


As I stated above I’ll get into the variables in upcoming blogs. If you can’t wait for them you can always call me Mon-Fri 916-761-3044 and I’ll answer any questions you have giving me the chance to tell you all about my services. Till then be smart consumers and ask many many questions…..