Carpet Spot Removal Tips

Carpet Spot Removal Tips from Noble Carpet Cleaners, Sacramento



Let’s understand something right up front, not all spots are created equal. They can be Organic (like food spills), Man Made (food dyes), Protein (more food!!!) or Petroleum (outside oils and greases). So for instance, the color pigments left behind from many cat food kibbles aren’t going to get cleaned by the same solutions as cosmetics or even paint. This is the biggest problem with off-the-shelf consumer spot removal products from the cleaning isle.

Do not attempt these recommendations on Upholstery or other natural fabrics like silk or cottons.


  • Small extractor like a Bissell machine or an upright self contained carpet machine found in home centers.  Hook up the upholstery tool for the best results.
  • Large trigger spray bottle. 32oz is very effective, 16oz will work.
  • I  prefer a quality wet/dry shop vacuum and a small ultra-quiet model is best and will last through many years of spot cleaning.
  • Clean white terry cloth hand towels or white micro fiber towels.



  • Poof from Noble Carpet Cleaners for several food based spots and a few protein based
    spots and many unidentified spots.
  • Bac-Out manufactured by Bi-O-Kleen for most small area vomit and feces issues and a ton of food issues.
  • Natures Miracle for small pet accidents.


You need to remove the bulk of the contaminant first. For instance, if you’re left with a pile of cat vomit you need to scrape off the excess first.  Don’t skip this step! Then when it’s dry you need to run the vacuum cleaner on it approaching the spot from every angle possible. Let the brush bar linger on the area. You will be surprised how much additional material is removed with vacuuming.

poof-carpet-stain-cleanerOK, you’ve got the bulk material removed. If you want a quick fix and don’t have the time for a thorough rinse the get a white terry hand towel and the Poof™ supplied from Noble Carpet Cleaners (916-761-3044). Mist on the poof with 3-5 trigger pulls and gently massage with your finger tips. Leave it alone for 1-2 minutes.

Now blot the spot with a towel and press firmly with your finger tips. Lift the towel and see the transfer. Use a dry/clean spot on the towel each time you blot. Note your progress on the spot. Continue to mist, massage gently (no scrubbing) and blot.

Now walk away!, let dry for 24 hours and vacuum. Poof™leaves NO STICKY residue and any residue shatters into crystals when you run your vacuum cleaner over that area. If any soil still exists on that area after vacuuming repeat step 1.

It’s our field experience that stubborn soil not removed with Poof™ is an indication of a much more stubborn Organic or even Man-Made contaminant. We highly recommend calling a professional at this point. Noble Carpet Cleaners (916-761-3044) gladly services current customers in the Elk Grove area for stubborn spot removal often at no charge.


These procedures will rinse out the spot/contaminant in a manner closely related to a professional cleaning. This is where the upholstery attachment on the Bissell or your upright machine comes in handy. I prefer a crevice type nozzle attached to my favorite shop vac. In any case, no solution will be applied from your carpet machine. Only spray bottles will be used to CONTROL MOISTURE.

Food spills and organics such as pet accidents can often be broken down with enzymes such as found in Bac-Out and Natures Miracle. However, you need to thoroughly rinse the area or the residues will attract dirt from foot traffic.

Get your shop-vac or carpet machine ready and a gallon size flat plastic bag. Mist on some Bac-Out or Natures Miracle and massage with your finger tips. Wear a rubber glove if you feel more comfortable. It’s best not to exceed wetting an area in excess of 6” in diameter. Place the bag on the wetted area and let stand for 1/2 hour.

Now have a spray bottle with warm water at the ready. Lift the bag and place your suction tool on the edge of the wetted area. This is where a clear-view tool does have an advantage. You can see the moisture flowing in the tool. Set your trigger sprayer on stream and spray the area right next to the nozzle. The water will flow down the fibers (often down to the carpet backing where it’s needed) and then up and into the nozzle. YOU ARE NOW RINSING!!!

Move the nozzle around pressing down on the fibers for approx. 10 seconds on each spot to remove all excessive moisture. You will be on a learning curve at first but I’m confident you will be a great spot cleaner.  Practicing this will pay off by having spot free carpet that has no residue.


At Noble Carpet Cleaners we consult over the phone 916-761-3044. If we can’t pick up, it rolls to voice mail and we will return the call promptly.

There are some spots you should absolutely avoid cleaning. Ink, food dyes from drinks, tar, gum and many others that need to be removed by an experienced cleaner to avoid damaging the carpet. Call us before you proceed and we’ll give you our sincere opinion on your situation.


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